Levmet to open London office

31 October 2016, London:  Levmet is pleased to announce the opening of its new London office which will help facilitate its growing trading activities.

A spokesman for Levmet said: “Our new London office marks the next stage of Levmet’s growth as we continue to expand on our current trading business into other complimentary products whilst recognising the tremendous pool of trading talent that exists in London.  One area we are looking to focus on is forming partnerships with individual proprietary traders and niche commodities businesses who wish to accelerate their growth.”

For further information please visit www.levmet.com or contact Levmet S.A.M. on info@levmet.com or +377 93 25 16 30.


About Levmet:

Formed in 2012, the Company is privately owned by management and a group of senior employees.  Levmet has quickly established itself as one of the market’s leading non-ferrous and bulk commodities traders.

The Company is both a futures and physical trader; the business is primarily focused on metals and hard commodities including copper, iron ore, coal, steel, aluminium, zinc, nickel and other minor metals.