Levmet nominated for "Rising Star Award" at Platts Global Metals Awards 2014

Rising Star Award

The world of metals is filled with companies that exhibit an entrepreneurial spirit of advancing new technologies, transforming markets and reevaluating established traditions in order to move our industry forward. The Rising Star category commends these innovators which have the ambition to match their vision.

The Rising Star Company recognizes the achievements of either a genuine startup business or an existing business that has moved into a new field. Elbowing into a new space in an already crowded industry takes guts, flawless execution, brilliant marketing and a tremendous organizational ability to learn fast.

Judges will look for businesses that have used these skills to establish their companies as equal to—or better than— existing players in any metals industry field or discipline. Typical entrants might include, for example, companies with a regional or country focus that have successfully positioned themselves on the world stage, engineering or trading startups, businesses that have moved their entire focus upstream or downstream within a given industry.

Note: Judges cannot consider as “newcomers” businesses that have been divested from larger companies or businesses built through mergers whose primary effect has been a change of scale. Mergers that have created genuinely new businesses will be considered.

In the interests of evaluating track records, judges will consider businesses created since January 2004.

Judging Criteria

Financial Results – growth, in particular
Net Job Growth
Operational Excellence
Peer Recognition