Levmet Holdings Limited - Appointment of Ms. Mei Xin Wang to the Board of Directors

5 August 2015, Malta: Levmet Holdings Limited is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Mei Xin Wang to the Board of Directors.

Ms. Wang brings many years of experience trading physical copper and developing new business opportunities for businesses in Asia Pacific region and in particular, China.

Having spent much of her career with some of the world’s leading trading houses, where she developed new cathode business with Chinese companies, Ms. Wang has more recently used her industry experience and expertise to provide research and independent advice to leading financial institutions and metals industry participants.

In addition to her metal industry experience, Ms. Wang is a Founder of the RMB interest group. The group provides advice and programmes for institutional investors to invest in USD or RMB assets in China’s domestic market and cross-border opportunities.

Mr Ashley Levett President of Levmet said; “I am delighted that Ms. Wang has decided to join the Levmet board and her vast experience will be complimentary to our existing business and provide us with valuable input in our ongoing discussions with potential partners in Asia.”

For further information please visit info@levmet.com or +377 93 25 16 30.


Notes to editors:

Founded in 2012, Levmet has built an exceptional management team focused on proprietary & physical trading and investment. 

Today, the Company has a diversified business, trading a wide spectrum of metals and hard commodities including copper, iron ore, coal, aluminium, zinc, nickel and other minor metals.

Through its core activities as a Liquidity Provider and Proprietary Trader, Levmet has quickly grown to trade on average over $200bn. of metal annually establishing itself as a top ten player on The London Metal Exchange.