Levmet is an active proprietary trader on The London Metal Exchange and CME, covering all base metals traded on both markets.

Ashley Levett and Gareth Griffiths manage Levmet's LME and CME trading books whilst also managing separate proprietary books covering additional products. Gareth is also responsible for the continued expansion of our futures trading.

Within two years, Levmet has established itself as a liquidity provider on the LME due to the growth in the size, volume and frequency of its trading.

While the market accepts Levmet as liquidity provider to the LME, it has no commitment or obligation to provide liquidity in any given product or contract at any time.

Key to Levmet’s success is its expertise in selecting profitable positions it chooses to keep on its books compared to those it wishes to trade out of; mitigating the risks involved with providing liquidity.

The strength and depth of Levmet’s Risk Management and capability allows it to comfortably “make markets” and manage its positions.