Social Responsibility

We operate with eyes on both the future and the past.

Intrinsic to Levmet’s operations is our understanding that social, environmental and governance responsibilities go beyond just values-based considerations, instead forming a commercial and strategic imperative for our business.


We recognise the risks involved in our business and that we must adapt proactively to the ever-changing market landscapes, taking our responsibility to uphold high and safe standards of operation across our business seriously.


We operate with eyes to both the future and the past so that we can continue to capitalise on opportunities, whilst also taking heed from the lessons of history, so that we can remain adaptable in the present. This mindset informs our strategic approach to sustainability and corporate responsibility, allowing us to identify commitments, set our objectives and prioritise actions that best serve our clients and the communities in which we operate.


We believe that through a conscious consideration and active management of our social responsibilities and environmental objectives, we are well positioned to continue to deal proactively with the strategic and operational tail risks inherent in the markets in which we operate.


As a business, we have turned our environmental insights into action: we have invested in a Polish wind farm project, as well as three high-grade carbon offset projects with significant additional benefits beyond the projects themselves.